[About Sendmail-TLS]

Sendmail-TLS is a wrapper for sendmail (and possibly other MTAs) that allows mail clients which support SSL and TLS connections to communicate with a mail server securely. This currently includes Netscape Messenger, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Outlook Express. This is being released under the GNU Public License

NOTE: This package is no longer under active development and is left here for curiosity sake. Sendmail now includes direct support for the STARTTLS command. I would recommend you use that support instead of sendmail-tls.


  • openssl (tested with 0.9.3 and higher) - These libraries provide the SSL and TLS support for the wrapper.
  • Libwrap - TCP wrappers provide host based security restrictions. Included with most linux distributions.


[Known Issues]

Solaris apparently has a brain-dead copy of inetd which only passes the first five command line parameters from the inetd.conf in to the program when run. There is no workaround at the moment, but there will eventually be a configuration file which should make this issue go away.

[Version History]

  • 0.24 (6/4/2000) - When running on some (fast) servers, the server would decide whether a client was using an MS or RFC compliant client too fast. Added a slight delay to give the client time to send initial data.
  • 0.23 (2/2/2000) - Fixed a bug where an invalid MTA executable name would cause a silent failure.
  • 0.22 (1/22/2000) - Update Makefile to correct a permissions error. Added ability to create server keyfile and certificate using "make cert"
  • 0.21 (12/2/1999) - Update to fix a compile error on some systems. No functional changes.
  • 0.2 (10/18/1999) - Initial public release.


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